Ragheb Alama launches latest CD at Starbucks, Hamra

Ragheb Alama launches latest CD at Starbucks, Hamra

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On November 1st, the Lebanese superstar Ragheb Alama launched his latest CD Starz Volume 1, which is a first-time collaboration between Alama and Starbucks to produce an Eastern-Western musical experience.

The album features new titles as well as Alama’s track with Shakira; this is Ragheb’s way of crossing borders through music and uniting music fans from around the world. The album is produced by Backstage Productions.

This event was also an opportunity to promote his other latest CD “Sinin Rayha” which includes 11 songs. Both CDs are sold exclusively at Stabucks and later would be available at Virgin Mega Store. Alama is one Lebanon’s iconic singers; his career began 25 years ago and  is still going strong.

Photos by Roni Said

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