Pump it up at Palais with Clash of the Titans

Pump it up at Palais with Clash of the Titans

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A musical experience took place at Palais by Crystal with Clash of the Titans presented by Eargasm Management on June 14th; the titans were urban culture’s finest DJs Lethal Skillz and LiL’t. Warm up was by Laronn & Shady Joe and closing the night was Rude.

This RnB Night featured popular and oldies hits spun by only the greatest of DJs and the most talented MCs and rappers A Box and singer Belime. Palais was crowded with RnB lovers and others who wanted to enjoy a crazed night of good music.

The event was in support of Engineering students society, Economics students society, and Star Reliable Services sarl and sponsored by Creme 21.

Photos by Mahmoud Kheir

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